06 June 2010

Day 17 – Palace of Versalles, Musée d'Orsay

In the morning we went to Versailles via the RER train system. It took a little while, but we made it. To me, the palace represents another inequality between the rich and the poor. King whoever had all of this to himself while the serfs pretty much had nothing. Went to the famous Versailles Gardens right after and was severely disappointed. Wasn’t particularly pretty or impressive except for the size of the garden itself.
I got split up with the group on the way back to the train station. Thinking that everyone is on the train already, I ended up going to see the museum D’Orsee. More art, except that this one had one of the eight Van Gogh self portraits in existence. Had Donairs for a light dinner. When the rest of the gang returned from shopping, they decided to leave me and my good friend Nelson behind. I accompanied him to a nice restaurant where he had some seafood dish while I tried out some rabbit meat. The meat was actually pretty hard to stomach. Definitely not one of my favourites

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