06 June 2010

Day 15, Ibiza Part 2, RyanAir sucks

We started out the day with a rude awakening call from one of my friends. Because we already paid for breakfast, and because the breakfast buffet is only available for a limited time, we had to go get it.
And a feast we got. Every hotel meal at Ibiza was a buffet.
Immediately afterwards, we went to rent scooter bikes to go explore the island. I was on a bike for less than 20 seconds before the renting lady noticed I was a complete failure at riding bipedal devices. I volunteered myself out of the bike group.
At night, we met up with some friends for the dinner buffet. Then, we spent the majority of the night looking for an internet connection. Our next flight from Madrid to Paris is with RyanAir, and they require everyone to print out their own boarding pass or face a 40 euro fine. With six of us travelleing, that adds up to a lot.
Unfortunately, most of the internet cafes are closed by this time. Though the hotel has a printer, they refuse to print it. Jerks.

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