26 December 2008

Fistibop Day

aka Boxing Day, for all you gents.

I find the entire concept of the day to be hilarious. Waiting an entire year, people are willing to camp out hours early to save maybe 30% on an outdated product. Would the opportunity cost of having the item be worth it? Depends on the person, I guess. Maybe I'm thinking this way because I'm not willing to go out this time. I don't have anything to buy. And I hate crowds of people. And I hate people. And I hate people driving like idiots on the road.

I wonder how long this day of fistibopping can last, especially with the 'economic crisis'. Sure, Black Friday this year had a decent (profitable) turnout, but we've all had a little more time to digest this inevitable economic collapse. I can't really imagine next year's to be really busy. The reason why this year's will be successful is because people have this pent-up rage the entire year to wait until Fistibop Day to splurge their money all over the register. It'll be the last insane buy they will do. Anyway, I hope you all had a good hunt and bought what you wanted.

I'm leaving on January 1st. I will be going alone, and I will take 3 days to drive for a total of 21 hours towards Fort McMurray. This should be good assuming no delays or accidents. If I do die, well.

19 December 2008

The Interview

was a huge success, apparently.
I gauge this on the fact that I was hired for the position. Though the details haven't come yet, (they were late with the HR, so the contract is coming on Monday), I do know some things.

1) 8 months total. 4 at one mine, 4 at the other.
2) Alberta.
3) Pay is pretty good, considering rent is free. (paid by company)

I'm gonna be missing for some time.
Have fun, guys.

17 December 2008

Officially done

Today, I had my final final. It feels great to be relieved of this burden. I can relax now, and do what I want when I want. I don't really want to think about school anymore, mostly because thinking about it won't change anything. What's done is done.

Curiously, I received a phone call from the Engineering Co-op office today about an interview with the company Syncrude for a job in the Oil Sands. Strange because I never sent in a resume. They sent it in for me. Even more strange is that I've left the Co-op program for ~8 months now, with no contact with them. The interview is at 8am. This means that I should have had it by the time this is done.

It is a little bit early for me, but I guess that's fine. I don't really care if I work during this upcoming semester or not. Not going to screw up this interview on purpose either.