24 November 2008


They're terrible.

I guess I've had a sheltered life or something because I always have difficulty getting my hair cut. I usually never go until I can't stand the constant badgering of people around me concerning my long hair. The problem is that I'm not used to getting them.
Never quite know what kind of hairstyle that I want because I don't know any of the style's names. I'd tell him to but my
standard, except they might not know what standard is. I just tell them to cut it short, which is so vague that I never know what the outcome would be.

Ugh, sometimes I get the urge to shave it all off.
I actually want to see myself go bald for a short while.
I want to dye my hair to something grey/whitish.

Maybe next time.

12 November 2008

World of Warcraft.

I'm not sure why there are people who believe lining up for a midnight launch of World of Warcraft is especially pathetic. I think it is no different than lining up for an iPhone, the Nintendo DS, Halo 3, Gears of War 2, or even the Wii.

Honestly, what is so different about this product that automatically puts it in the shit-tier of respect?

That said, I'm going to be lining up tonight in the hopes of getting a Collector's Edition copy.

03 November 2008

Cruelty Creating Chris

There's been a bunch of stuff that I am just not too sure about...
I've been thinking and writing about this fun little story, but I'm having trouble finding a rational explanation of why a person would kill. So far, I have envisioned the murderer as a religious fanatic, but it seems a little unrealistic for an ultra religious but sane person to decide to take up arms against others. I mean, I just don't see how I can make the religious person seem sane and have him kill a bunch of people. I guess... religion, sanity, and murder... choose one.

Second thing is that it feels like there are a lot of negative forces aligning, all with the sole purpose of making my life difficult. I dislike this.