30 September 2009

Fall TV shows.

Simpsons / Family Guy - Decent short shows. Good to watch during commute.
Dexter - Great Show.
Californication - Decent Show.

Heroes - Decent Show

Being Erica - Watched first season. Interesting but definitely not a priority.

Eastwick - Pilot was interesting. Probably going to drop this show.

Flash Forward - Pilot looked good. Should be a keeper.
Supernatural - Great Show. Heaven vs Hell vs Winchesters
Fringe - Good Show. X-Files clone

Stargate Universe - Premise sounds interesting.
Smallville - Really hit or miss show. Can be fun but also kinda dumb.
Dollhouse - I'm looking forward to seeing how this one ends.

Merlin (UK) - More dumb than fun, but I need something to learn English.

17 September 2009

You Will Obey.

I was driving through town like usual and I started to count the number of people who were violating traffic laws. I'm excluding speeding here because everybody speeds.

2 counts of left turn at the end of the traffic light cycle (It was clearly red. Red is bad. Turn only when you're blocking the way at the end of the traffic cycle. It isn't time to squeeze in three or four cars. Fgts.)
1 count of illegal stopping (to drop off somebody.)
1 count of not signaling while changing lane. (not including those who change lane as soon as they signal. This is bad too.)

This was during a 20 minute drive to drop somebody off.

14 September 2009

Spoilers: Kanye West / Taylor Swift staged the whole thing.

It seems to me that there's some kind of flu around and it seems to be fairly contagious. Stupid swine flu.
So it is the first full week of school now, still attending some classes for the first time. I am really starting to enjoy things. So, I hope that I can accomplish some vague goals I've set for myself. We shall see.

I've been dreaming a lot nowadays. Mostly about real life. About once per day, I encounter something that I find familiar because I had that dream already.  IE. I had a dream where I was late for a class. I wasn't actually late when I woke, but I guess it was on my mind. Summary: I am having dreams relating to my fears and desires. Weird stuff.

Topic: If the whole Kanye/Swift thing wasn't staged, it should have been. Look at how much publicity this has generated. Every tool out there is talking about it (myself included.) Bye.

12 September 2009

Thanks you Maptek.

We're all forced to go to this Mining Software Training at UBC this weekend, from 10am to 4pm. Bleh.
I would much rather we didn't, but mandatory is mandatory.

This first week of school has been slightly frustrating and tiring. It seems like the Mining Department really needs to work on being more organized in general. I know I'm calling the kettle black, but its true.

PS: I probably have the swine flu.

05 September 2009

The Big Day.

Sister's wedding, today.

As glad as I am for her, I've discovered a few things from this whole preparation experience.

1) I hate traditions. It is bad enough to follow a 'western' traditional wedding at a church + etc. Following the whole chinese model too made it much more confusing. There is way too much superstition associated with both of these methods. Honestly, what's so terrible about the groom driving in a non-white car? Bleh. Superstitions + luck are both really dumb concepts. Don't do it.

2) A wedding takes a lot of work to prepare. It doesn't seem like its worth it to have a big ceremony. I'm talking about both time and money expenditure.

3) The above two combined has made me really tired. I'm going to go away for good now.