06 March 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen

So, I've finished the Graphic Novel this week in anticipation for the movie.

I'm not very impressed by the movie. Yeah, it was a faithful-ish adaptation, but I felt that the movie didn't show how humanity had deteriorated on the streets. In the comic, it was evident that the streets weren't safe and was filled with thugs and gangs. There was a real sense that the world was ending.

The movie didn't illustrate this point well.

My second problem is I didn't think the source material was that great.
It was interesting, but kinda very boring at times. There's literally a part where there's a comic within a comic. It takes over some of the panels and is juxtaposed over events currently happening in the 'world'. I didn't care much for this technique. Basically, I was expecting more of the comic, but it doesn't mean the comic sucked. It felt more like a 7/10 story, maybe an 8/10 if they removed the annoying comic-within-a-comic part while delivering the same information.