09 January 2009

State of half-dead.

I'm not sure what's happening with my computer, but it kinda works again. Sure, the power-charger is broken (doesn't detect battery), and the monitor is dead, but it still works when attached to an external monitor. What I find very curious is that 12 hours ago, it wouldn't start at all. It isn't because the machine wasn't dry because it was working the night before.

I'm just kinda glad I can still use it, for you know. that reason. withdrawal

I find it kind of funny that when I can't play WoW anymore, my second urge is to write something. Blogging, or short story, or whatever. I see things and think to myself: T"his is interesting, I should write it down." When I do get a chance, however, I go back to playing the game. Well, not anymore! I'm putting that on top of my priority list... just after I finish that jewelcrafting daily.

On a side note, it is a baumy -20 degrees centigrade outside. Absolutely beautiful weather. I love it, except for all the driving in town that I have to do. It is incredibly annoying to have to plug/unplug my block heater, then clear my windshield, then wait for the car to warm up. It adds about 4-5 minutes to any trip.

I'm not sure what kind of heating they use in here, but I think it involves dehumidifying. I am finding that I need to drink a lot more liquids, or my lips chap. Because of this dryness, I get 4-5 static shocks everyday from interacting with things in the apartment. Hella annoying.

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