26 January 2009

Dollars at Work.

So I just placed the order for my new compooter. I'll still have to build it.
The sad thing is that I think it'll arrive before the whole dell-box fiasco becomes resolved.
It still hasn't come yet. I have no idea what's happening anymore. The next time I speak to them, I won't be very happy.

Work is very, very tiring. No, it isn't physically or even mentally stimulating. It is the shear amount of un-work I have to do.
1) There's no internet, unless I can justify to my boss that I need it. (Well, I can get to the cbc news site, but that only provides maybe half an hour of news articles. They really need to update more often.)
2) My job requires me to call people, wait for people to call me back, and then get some information from them. Most of the time is spent tracking people down when they're away from their offices. When I'm not doing that, I am spending time making documents (following the format), and going to meetings.
3) I'm dying here, of boredom.

My co-worker/fellow-coop-student has even less to do than me. It is sad, really.


Anonymous said...

If work wasn't boring it would not be called work. At least you don't have to talk to people as much.

Anonymous said...

I would pity you, but what would you do with it anyway.

You're getting paid to be bored, whereas I am paying to be bored.