14 January 2009

Dell. You.

Dell box hasn't arrived it. They delivered it to Richmond. I specifically told them to ship it here.

I have a huge urge to cover my face with my hands in disgust.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to feel about Dell. They have nice and speedy customer service, but if their stuff didn't have so many problems, we wouldn't need customer service so much.

Lier X Agerate said...

Getting them to either send another box or getting it shipped here was ridiculous.

In total, it took about 5 calls and 3 hours. A couple times to dell (apparently it is a technical issue, not a customer issue. bounced a couple of times) , once to purolator (Dell told me that I was to call purolator and get it shipped back. I asked if I had the authorization to do this. Dell said yes. Purolator said no.) , and then to dell again (I managed to convince the dell rep to call the purolator line. I was on hold for about 30 minutes while the rep was trying to get the other rep to do the deal.)

I've decided to just buy a new desktop from ncix or something.