06 January 2009

Alive and well in Fort McMurray.

1) It is cold here.
2) My room-mate's name is Tyler. He is a geek. Star Trek, Star Gate, Battlestar. Plays Counterstrike Source mostly. He sometimes plays World of Warcraft (He has a level 40 paladin).
3) I can get just about anything here in Fort McMurray. What I can't get, I can probably acquire via the Internet.
4) There's nothing to do here except hide inside my house, which I kinda enjoy, but when the house involves pretty much nothing...
5) There's no part 5.
6) I've been dreaming a lot lately, mostly involving people from High school (Gary, Oliver, people I don't talk to anymore, etc) and mostly in Richmond. Strange that I still have such vivid memories of something that's 3-4 years ago now.

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