08 February 2010

Heroes Season Finale. Disappointing.

The final episode of the season (series) has just aired and I can't help but feel it didn't live up to its full potential.
Fans everywhere have been saying for a while that the series has gone sour and bad. I personally felt that the 'badness' first began to show at the showdown of Season 1. I mean, that episode was just anticlimactic.

Season 4 began pretty good. It was definitely a slow start, focusing on less plot points than usual. In a lot of ways, I think its similar to SGU. I was holding out hope that the season would build up to something great, and it all depends on the finale. Unfortunately, it just didn't deliver.

So, Samuel has been collecting meta-humans because his ability is exponentially increased with more mutants around. His power is to move dirt. During the whole season, Samuel has been saying that he wants to build a home for his mutant friends, so that they can live in peace without hiding their powers. I dig that. Of course, Samuel is also the season's villain, so the heroes had to be against his plan. He killed his own brother out of rage (the brother did hide the secret to Sam's power his whole life) and used various manipulations to gather more mutants. He must be bad! Claire/Bennett believes that he's gathering all of these people so that he can magnify his power to kill "thousands of people".

It would have been a genuine surprise IF Samuel, although his methods were evil, actually did want to build a mutant paradise. Imagine if the Heroes were barging in to stop him, and then Samuel and his circus freaks battle it over. In the end, all of the 'heroes' have been rendered useless and they could only watch what Samuel had planned. He reveals to the world that mutants do exist, and then he creates his paradise somewhere in the midwest, inviting all mutants to join him. He would announce that this town will succeed from the USA, being its own country, etc. No bloodshed, no harm. The heroes who tried to stop samuel would be banished from this new town.

Doesn't this sound more interesting than what we got?

In the televised final episode, Claire and the gang go to stop Samuel. They convince that Samuel is a bad man, and then tells everyone to leave so Samuel doesn't have anymore power. While everyone is trying to get away, Peter fights Samuel with his cloned power. Dirt battle! Exciting! Hiro appears and teleports everyone out.Samuel and Peter both lose their powers, so Peter knocks Sam out with a punch.

The teaser for Volume 6 is that Claire, wanting to not hide anymore, decides to show the world that meta humans exist by getting camera people to film her hurting herself and regenerating. Lame!

Anyway, the ratings for the show have been so abysmal that I doubt there will be another season. I think I'm done with the show regardless. I liked my ending so much better.

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