08 December 2009

Better Off Ted Premiere, SGU, and Shitting my pants because of KFC

Better Off Ted - Returns tonight! Quirky science-fictiony show. Watch it!

SGU - As I mentioned before, this show doesn't appeal to everyone. Not everyone loves the slow, soapy, character driven shows. Historically, the Stargate Franchise has been more action and plot driven. As a result, many people dislike SGU, and it shows in the ratings. At this point, however, most of the critics have quit or already stopped watching the show, and the remaining few (myself included) mostly generally enjoy the program. The real question is whether there are enough fans of the show to sustain the program for another season.

Shit on pants, KFC - I made a detour coming home tonight to stop at the KFC at Lansdowne. What used to be Toonie Tuesday a couple of years ago have morphed into 2.69 Tuesdays. Two chicken pieces (thigh and drumstick) plus a small order of fries for that price is excellent. When I got out of my car and tried to close the door, I heard a loud clanking sound. I assumed it was my seatbelt which might have been stuck. I checked and it was clear. I closed the door.

When I got inside to order my sweet (salty) fat chicken meat, I realized that I wasn't carrying my N95 Mobile. Thus, I couldn't call My Friends and ask why they were so late. Oh well. I finished my food and went to buy some study-treats.

Half an hour later, when I was about to leave the parking lot, I remembered about my phone. Did I get messages? I'm a fairly important guy so I should have messages.

I couldn't find my phone. It was dark outside and the interior lights were being dumb. I looked under the car seats. Nothing.
At this point, I was starting to get scared. I thought back to when I last knew I had my phone. It was in the car. What was that noise when I tried to close my door? Was it my phone? WAS MY PHONE LYING ON THE GROUND OF THE PARKING LOT? OH SHIT.

I did a U-turn right in the intersection, ignoring all the traffic signals. After dodging a few cars, I made it back to the parking lot. I got out. I looked around. Did I park here? or there?
My phone was not on the ground.
I looked in my car again. This time, on the passenger side.

I know! I'll call myself, and then the gentle vibration of its silent ringing will lead me to it.

Oh well. I'll just go home and play world of warcraft, Patch 3.3
Fuuu- My Blizzard Authenticator is on the phone. Can't play without it.


I walked between the rows of the car, feeling much like a thief looking for a weak spot.
In the end, I shamefully walked back to my car. I went back home.
I used my home phone. I find my phone. The end.

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aska said...

Character driven shows would work if the characters were actually likable or at least interesting, not so much in SGU (The only interesting character is as likable as a lead pipe to the head).