10 January 2017


2016 was a year in which television shows were played on the television and other devices. This is an authoritative list of shows that I have watched that were the best.

1)      The Americans
Soviet spies were sent to America during the cold war. They performed clandestine missions for the KGB. This all really happened in real life and was called Directorate S. The show takes liberties with the premise, and I’m sure that real life spies could not possibly compete with the wig game that’s displayed in the show.
I think the Americans is more relevant now than ever with what some people are starting to call Cold War II. People and counties react in certain ways because of reasons that others may not be privy to. It is usually way more complicated than because they’re ‘evil.’
I think it’s interesting to see the earlier beginnings of some of the decisions in the 80s that had long lasting ramifications today. Things like supporting apartheid South Africa, and the CIA spending approximately 20 billion (1980s) dollars to train and assist the Mujahedeen in overthrowing Soviet Afghanistan. Immoral things were done for geopolitical reasons for both sides. There’s always been attempts to marginalize our atrocities while demonizing others.
The Americans is grounded with their characters. They’re well defined and feel genuine.
2)      Halt and Catch Fire
First of all, this show has a really dope opening theme.
This is another show that is set in the 80s era where people are reacting in a rapidly changing technological landscape. Characters don’t get along with each other, and feuds get developed over misunderstanding.

3)      Better Call Saul
Show features very nuanced characters and its very enjoyable seeing them interact.
4)      Mr. Robot
Despite having a meandering start, I enjoyed the much-needed characterization on Darlene and Angela. It’s nice to see that the FBI has competent agents again and that it’s not all about super hackers. I think there’s a good setup for season 3.
5)      Silicon Valley
The show is absurd because the tech industry is absurd.  This show makes me laugh and I guess comedy is very subjective.
6)      iZombie
This show is very much Veronica Mars with zombies. There might be a little ‘buffy’ in there too.
7)      Travelers
I really like time travel shows and I think this one does it big league. Appreciate that Brad Wright doesn’t hit you over the head with exposition dumps.
8)      Rectify
The show didn’t really get the resolution I wanted, but in a way I think that’s the point. This is an exceedingly slow show. I think Teddy Jr came away as MVP of the series, which I could not have imagined in the beginning. World class acting.
9)      Stranger Things
Poor Barb. The show being short is a good thing. I feel like it ended a little weaker than it started.
10)   Got ham
I feel giddy when dumb things happen in this dumb show. I really enjoy when villains do villainous things. People say that the tone of the show is all over the place, but that’s just what the show is about. There’s a manic energy that I really enjoy.

Note: I caught up on the Leftovers. Season 2 is a perfect season of television and would easily have been number 1.


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