09 October 2009

Expiry Date.

Orange Juice - 3 days. Left unrefridgerated for a week.

World of Warcraft - 4 more days.

Aion - 30 days.

Do you know what expired orange juice looks like? I do now, and I made the ultimate sacrifice so you don't have to find out. Expired Orange Juice smell and taste the same. The only difference I was able to notice about the juice at its level of decay is that the colour looks darker...  Drinking the juice did not instantly make me sick. There was just a slight ache in my stomach, so I didn't think much about the juice.

A couple days later, I once again reached out for more orangy goodness. This time, while swirling the container, I noticed that there was a sort of milky substance swimming inside the juice. Once again, it tasted fine. I took extra care to not drink the bottom gunk of the juice where it looked too questionable for me to drink. The next day, I wasn't able to go to school.

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