14 September 2009

Spoilers: Kanye West / Taylor Swift staged the whole thing.

It seems to me that there's some kind of flu around and it seems to be fairly contagious. Stupid swine flu.
So it is the first full week of school now, still attending some classes for the first time. I am really starting to enjoy things. So, I hope that I can accomplish some vague goals I've set for myself. We shall see.

I've been dreaming a lot nowadays. Mostly about real life. About once per day, I encounter something that I find familiar because I had that dream already.  IE. I had a dream where I was late for a class. I wasn't actually late when I woke, but I guess it was on my mind. Summary: I am having dreams relating to my fears and desires. Weird stuff.

Topic: If the whole Kanye/Swift thing wasn't staged, it should have been. Look at how much publicity this has generated. Every tool out there is talking about it (myself included.) Bye.

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