07 August 2009

Words are fun when used against your Family!

I finally did something and installed a new hard disk on my notebook computer. Now it runs extremely well, except for the fact that it looks like the battery might be dying.

So, what does this mean?

As you know, I've been taking a Philosphy class this summer.
 We discuss things like the ethics of economic systems, war/peace/torture, and now censorship.
When on the topic of Pacifist/m, I said that I would like to be a pacifist (like Ghandi), except that it is way too hard to achieve in real life.

Too true.


I had this strange dream recently. I was watching a documentary about the moon/mars landings, except the facts were way wrong.

For one thing, the shuttle looked exactly like the statue of liberty in some shots, while it others it looked like she was sitting down in a giant (solid) chair. There were scenes where the astronauts were walking outside and the cameras panned back and there was the statue. The Astronauts said something about how they'll never get lost out here because they can always see the figure.
Another thing that seemed wrong was the fact that the dusty/hilly ground was sometimes red and sometimes grey. One of the astronauts was trying to get back into the building, but the guy inside locked him out. After pointing out the seriousness of the situation, the guy apologized and let the people in.

I think this dream was brought to you by the 40th anniversary of the moon landing or what/whenever that occured.

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