08 June 2009

Everything is a Conspiracy

We all joke about crazy people and their paranoia sometimes. 9/11 is one of those things.

In this case, he believes that there's an active person somewhere out there dedicating their life to making his life miserable. Every little instance of something on the computer going wrong can be attributed to this person 'hacking' into the computer.

"Why did the computer shut down by iteself?"
"The spyware scanner says that this registry has been changed."
and so on.

Of course, a novice user of the internet will probably get infected with spyware/virus eventually, but to attribute that to a malicious person out there is a little far gone. It's come to the point where the person would refuse to do anything on the Internet.

Person also asked me if there was something I'd like to say... because he thinks I've been compromised by the hacker as well. That the hacker has somehow coerced me to perpetuate the lie. Yeah.


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