26 December 2008

Fistibop Day

aka Boxing Day, for all you gents.

I find the entire concept of the day to be hilarious. Waiting an entire year, people are willing to camp out hours early to save maybe 30% on an outdated product. Would the opportunity cost of having the item be worth it? Depends on the person, I guess. Maybe I'm thinking this way because I'm not willing to go out this time. I don't have anything to buy. And I hate crowds of people. And I hate people. And I hate people driving like idiots on the road.

I wonder how long this day of fistibopping can last, especially with the 'economic crisis'. Sure, Black Friday this year had a decent (profitable) turnout, but we've all had a little more time to digest this inevitable economic collapse. I can't really imagine next year's to be really busy. The reason why this year's will be successful is because people have this pent-up rage the entire year to wait until Fistibop Day to splurge their money all over the register. It'll be the last insane buy they will do. Anyway, I hope you all had a good hunt and bought what you wanted.

I'm leaving on January 1st. I will be going alone, and I will take 3 days to drive for a total of 21 hours towards Fort McMurray. This should be good assuming no delays or accidents. If I do die, well.

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