03 November 2008

Cruelty Creating Chris

There's been a bunch of stuff that I am just not too sure about...
I've been thinking and writing about this fun little story, but I'm having trouble finding a rational explanation of why a person would kill. So far, I have envisioned the murderer as a religious fanatic, but it seems a little unrealistic for an ultra religious but sane person to decide to take up arms against others. I mean, I just don't see how I can make the religious person seem sane and have him kill a bunch of people. I guess... religion, sanity, and murder... choose one.

Second thing is that it feels like there are a lot of negative forces aligning, all with the sole purpose of making my life difficult. I dislike this.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, religious fanatics that commit murder and seems sane?

Er, the Crusades, all of them? (well a lot of people thought they were sane at the time).

I think calling anyone "ultra religious" is already calling them insane.

Religion could lead to lack of sanity, which could leads to murder, you can pick all three.

There is no such thing as an ultra religious person who is all there in the head.

Lier X Agerate said...

I know you're all hating on religion, but people can be both religious and sane. The masterminds of the crusades didn't do it for God, they did it to try and 'fight' off the muslim invaders (for political/economical reasons.) Of course, the peons believe it was for God.

By ultra religious, I meant like a priest or a nun. I certainly don't think that they're generally murderous. They're quite harmless most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Priests, as in the ones the Vatican decides to test if they might be a rapist before becoming one now? Due to MULTIPLE accounts of priests being either a rapist or child molestor in their region?
Harmless, HAH.
As for ultra religious AND sane, how can any SANE person support prop 8?